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19/10/2017  · [15 Page Report, Models] Financial Analysis of BitConnect Alternatives. Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:26 am . Knowing all too well that BitConnect and programs like it are a race-against-time for investors because of an inevitable collapse, I decided to compare it to its market competitors. Promised rates of returns advertised by Crypto-currency Discord Groups, Reddit posts,

Bitconnect Reinvesting and Free Super Easy Compound Interest Sheet!03/09/2017  · You simply understand it is a site, which allows you to register as a member and this site gives you the freedom to trade with hundreds of thousands of other members like you. If you want to invest in BitConnect then after opening your account, you will be provided 2 types of wallets in the Bitconnect account:

How Do I Transfer Funds From An Exchange To A Wallet I Control You then go to your exchange wallet and use the Send option to send the coins to your new blockchain address. A wallet is a method of storing your public blockchain addresses and the associated private key. Nothing is actually

You can invest BitConnect coin in Bitconnect lending platform exclusively from the BitConnect Dashboard. If you invest $1010 you will earn average 0.89% + 0.10%=0.99% every day of the week 7/365. Or the time of the pack 239 Days. Your Principal will be back than!

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Topic: Bitconnect spreadsheet google docs. Author: Odell Martinez. Posted: Tue, Nov 26th 2019 22:06 PM. Format: jpg/jpeg. Many companies that collect data hire spreadsheet operators. These include research organizations, shopping malls that have.

Best Bitconnect Compounding Spreadsheet v1.0. The link to download is in the description, no password needed. Here are some of the primary features: -5 year projection of compounding interest -Daily interest calculators based on loan size -Bonus interest modifiers auto applied to each loan based on size. -Reinvest suggestions -Referral, Stake and Withdraw integrate with lending.