Google Play Pulls Five Apps Due To Bitcoin Mining Malware

Google removed roughly 60 apps that contained hidden pornographic malware from its Play Store after a security research company found the code. Many of the games were aimed at kids. Researchers at.

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31/03/2014  · Trend Micro said the apps being used for bitcoin and dogecoin mining were injected with ANDROIDOS_KAGECOIN, a malware. “(Some) coin mining apps were found outside of the Google Play Store, but we have found the same behaviour in apps (Songs and Prized) inside the Google Play Store. These apps have been downloaded by millions of users, which.

24/04/2014  · Covert Bitcoin miner found stashed in malicious Google Play apps Titles raise questions about Google’s ability to police its own market. Dan Goodin – Apr 24, 2014 10:41 pm UTC

Once infected, the device goes to work mining the cyrptocurrency. ‘Recently, we have discovered that a version of the popular game Bug Smasher, installed from Google Play between one and five.

Check Point researchers recently found an example of this type of malware on Google Play, in an app that reached over 100,000 downloads. The app in question claimed to mine Bitcoins, and promised to pay each new user 50,000 Satoshis (the smallest unit in Bitcoin, worth around $10 at the time of publication). Since the app claims that the user can only withdraw after an extortionate amount of.