I Ate A Hat

Literally Eating My HatA humorous action that one will allegedly take if something very unlikely happens . Kevin is always late, so if he actually shows up on time, I'll eat my hat. See also: .

In an age when most sitcoms never make it beyond the opening series, the 1960s, in comparison, was a truly fecund period.

Fig. a phrase telling the kind of thing that one would do if a very unlikely event really happens. If we get there on time, I'll eat my hat. I'll eat my hat if you get a.

Sam Khandaghabadi didn’t always feel accepted as an Iranian American growing up in Georgia. At Hoodslam, Sam has been.

16 Sep 2014.

Well, I was wrong. Bitcoins and alcohol don't go well together. Lesson learned. I decided that I would actually go through with eating the hat but when it came down.

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Rats in Chicago are getting hungrier, bolder during Illinois’ stay-at-home order. With restaurants closed, they’ll follow the.

18 Jul 2018.

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What makes you happy during lockdown? A Zoom chat, a country walk or dancing round the kitchen? Our readers and staff have.

I'll eat my hat definition: 1. used to say that you are sure something will not happen: 2. used to say that you are sure.

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A saying used to express how absolutely, positively certain a person is about something.

THE UK has met the five tests for lifting lockdown meaning we are now moving to alert level 3 and schools are opening their.