The Best Double Umbrella Strollers Reviewed!


Strollers have gone a very long way over the past few decades. Back then, you had the same model coming from most manufacturers. The industry was not even too significant because no one had any major expectations from these things. Most models looked alike, yet they came with slight differences in the design, materials or colors used. With time, materials and fabrics have changed a little. Later on, different small features came in to satisfy the demand for a more convenient ride. Today, you can find strollers for one baby, as well as double or even triple strollers. Some strollers are developed for simple walks, while others come with jogging possibilities.

When it comes to choosing a double stroller, you have to respect two major standards – your babies’ necessities and your personal comfort. Your babies’ necessities depend on the seat arrangement, as well as the materials, pads or umbrella. Some units have the two seats placed one next to another, while others adopt a narrow design and place the seats one behind the other, but at a taller height. As for your personal comfort, small features tend to make the difference. Do not forget about safety concerns either.

Our most cost efficient and complex strollers

We have found both extraordinary and average models in our personal search for the best double umbrella stroller. Check out our conclusions and decide accordingly.

Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX
is a technological innovation with not less than 12 different riding styles, as well as the possibility to accommodate two car seats. It is very flexible and gives you the chance to arrange your babies according to your preferences. It can be folded with one hand only.
Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller
gives your babies the chance to face you, each other or just sit back to back. Its height is adjustable, while each seat can be reclined individually for a more convenient ride.
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller
is easy to fold with one move and can accept a wide variety of car seat brands. Sitting, napping and standing positions are all accepted for your little ones’ comfort.
Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All Weather Stroller
is a side by side double umbrella stroller with nothing but basic and mandatory features. It does not come with any unusual or fancy facilities that you may not even use, but just a user friendly and classic design.

Why we recommend umbrella strollers over others

You do not have to be a genius to realize what an umbrella stroller actually is. These strollers come with a built in cover. When it comes to double strollers, it depends on the seat arrangement. Horizontal builds tend to come with one piece umbrella, while vertical construction come with two different umbrellas. It is not unusual to find horizontal double strollers with two different umbrellas too, only to provide a deeper customization. Perhaps one of the babies feel like enjoying the sun and playing, while the other wants to take a nap in the shadow.

When strollers do not come with umbrellas, they bring in some similar covers. They are often built in too, yet they are not so protective. An umbrella is far from the classic umbrella you take out when it rains. Instead, it is padded and can be used for extra protection against harsh weather conditions as well. As for covers, they provide so many options that they are obviously not so sturdy, just like they do not really ensure an enclosed environment for your babies. Sometimes, they cannot even be adjusted.

At a first glance, it might look complicated to make the difference between a double umbrella stroller and a classic model with a cover, yet analyzing a few different models can help you understand the change. Generally speaking, a double umbrella stroller is more efficient and protective than a simple one.

We help you match your babies’ necessities!

A simple search over an online store or even a search engine will literally provide hundreds of products. Choosing a double umbrella stroller will become quite intimidating. While many products look alike (with just a few changes in the colors or design), some units can cost up to five times more than others. It is hard to understand the difference if you do not go into small details. Even if you do, you still cannot understand what leads to such huge discrepancies in the costs. Understanding the market trends and effects of small details will lead to better and more informed selections.

At the same time, if you have never had to buy a double umbrella stroller, you will not really be able to identify your necessities yourself. Instead, you will understand why a product is more convenient than other only when you start experiencing unpleasant situations. Perhaps you might want a cup holder to keep your coffee while you take your babies out in the park. Not having one can make your trip a little uncomfortable, yet you probably do not pay attention to this factor as you shop around. On the other hand, have you actually considered your babies’ needs when going out? Maybe they require more stuff for their toys, extra clothes or diapers. What if the storage basket under the seats is too small? What if it tends to hang and rub the concrete if it is filled up with heavy stuff?

Different frame materials can make the stroller more or less sturdy and heavy. Different fabrics will add to your little ones’ comfort. Do not forget about safety standards either, not to mention about adjustable elements for your own comfort. This is when we step in to give you a hand. If you feel overwhelmed with so many things to think about, learning from personal experiences can open a lot of doors. We do not review the most expensive or the cheapest strollers on the markets, but the best rated ones. This way, you know for sure that you are about to invest in a quality unit. From that point on, it is up to you to choose the right features according to your available budget.

Comparing side by side versus front to back strollers

A double umbrella stroller can come in more styles, while these products can be classified by more criteria. The seat arrangement is one of them. Each position comes with both pros and cons, but matching your necessities to this shopping session will help you avoid the side factors.

Side by side strollers are relatively easy to maneuver because they are wide and ensure a more stable experience. However, they might become quite uncomfortable if you need to go through regular doorways. Unless you have twins, it might be complicated to steer if one of the babies is older and heavier. The good news is that they will never fight over who takes the front seat.

Front to back or tandem strollers are more space efficient when folded, but they also give you the opportunity to go shopping with your kids because passing through doorways is piece of cake. They are more likely to accommodate car seats than side by side strollers, but they may also become a little heavy while trying to steer or turn. Plus, they are longer too and stability might be an issue.

Identifying your personal needs will work a very long way

There are a wide plethora of features that can differentiate two baby strollers, even if they look apparently identical. The difference stays in the adjustable mechanisms that may not necessarily be obvious in pictures.

Adjustable seats are very important for your babies’ comfort. Ideally, you should be able to adjust seats independently. Sometimes, they can be turned around, while in other cases, you might be able to choose between sitting and napping positions.

Handlebars are not to be ignored either, especially if you and your partner are different in size. Perhaps you find walking babies to be more comfortable with the handle in front of the chest, while this height might be a bit too high for your spouse.

Wheels can be pneumatic or made of hard plastic. Pneumatic wheels are more appropriate in jogging strollers, yet this is not a general rule. They can absorb shocks in a more efficient manner.

Final words

As if it was not obvious already, we review the best brands on the market, as well as their best rated products. We focus on strollers that have been tested by hundreds of people already. As their reputation is still positive, you know that you simply cannot go wrong with such a double umbrella stroller. Leave yourself in our hands and avoid making blind decisions just because a specific stroller might be less expensive or better looking. Functionality is the key, while flaws are often impossible to spot by looking at pictures only.