Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Excellent for: babies lighter than 50 pounds, babies who love diversity and changes, parents who enjoy doing more activities while walking their babies (shopping, socializing and so on)

Just like its name clearly states it, Baby Trend has gained most of its popularity with a wide variety of products for babies. Cat seat bases, activity walkers, double strollers, car seats and nursery centers are just some of the most common products you can find in there. Plenty of stores resell these items, only because they are old, proven to face a baby’s stress and highly reliable. The manufacturer is not known for the wide plethora of products only, but also for the safety and high quality standards. Such products are very cost efficient and bring in the most value for your money.

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While browsing through products, it is not hard to realize that baby strollers are the most common products in these stores. But then, there is one model that seems to dominate the market – Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller. The Sit N Stand double stroller is among the most reviewed items. It is affordable, but it also brings in a wide variety of features that aim to enhance your comfort, as well as your baby’s experience. But just like for any other product out there, learning more about its features is the first step in convincing yourself that you are making a good decision in the long run. No matter how affordable this model is, a stroller is not necessarily the cheapest thing in the world, so at least make sure that you buy something good.

Discovering your main reasons to purchase a tandem stroller

The seat arrangement is probably one of the main considerations when choosing a double umbrella stroller. Normally, you have tandem and side by side strollers. Baby Trend’s Sit N Stand model is a tandem one, which means that the seats are arranged like on a stadium. They are one behind the other, while the rear one is slightly taller, only to give the baby a decent view as well. The width is normally the most attractive benefit of this construction. If you have ever been shopping in a supermarket, you have probably noticed already that you simply cannot take a side by side stroller through the shelves and racks. How about going through regular doorways? This is yet another major issue.

While some parents naturally assume that tandem strollers do not provide too much room for the storage basket, this is only a misconception. The surface is alike, only the space distribution is different. Practically, the width becomes the length and vice versa, which means that you got just as much room.

Another good news is that tandem strollers are naturally more space efficient when stores. The Sit N Stand is the perfect sample. Plus, it is also easy to maneuver if you do not have kids. When one of the babies is heavier than another, steering a side by side double stroller can become a workout exercise. But when the arrangement is in tandem, this problem becomes history.

Exploring other fancy features

This Baby Trend unit is a lot more flexible than you might think. If you imagine that this is one of those classic double strollers with reclining or adjustable seats and all kinds of different positions, you are wrong. In fact, it goes even further than that. For example, you can have your babies sit in the original stroller seats, as well as infant car seats. Besides, if one of the babies is older and can stand, they can stand on the rear platform, between you and the first seat. In other words, you walk a baby in the seat and the other one can stand up and admire the surroundings. As for the infant car seats, the stroller accepts most types of popular brands out there, whether you think about Britax, Graco, Evenflo Embrace and so on.

The 8 inch wide wheels are not too large, but not too small either. Since they are made of hard plastic, they are more appropriate on even terrains because they cannot really absorb shocks. However, their size makes them excellent for so called off road uses too. Whether you walk your baby in your backyard or around a playground, you do not have to worry too much about their comfort.

Sizing standards play a very important role in the process. When it comes to double strollers, sizing standards are directly determined by the actual weight the seats can support. When most other double strollers go up to 40 pounds per seat, Baby Trend has considered going a little further – up to 50 pounds for each seat. In other words, this stroller might support your baby throughout their months as a toddler too. Plus, some toddlers are just larger than others, hence the necessity of a little extra support.


  • Relatively simple to maneuver and steer for a double stroller
  • Can fit every standard doorway due to the reduced width
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • No need for any special tools while assembling it
  • Different seating positions
  • Extra standing position
  • Storage basket is decently large
  • Can hold babies weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Comfortable padded seats
  • Can accommodate the most popular types of infant car seats
  • No bars that you might hit while walking too fast
  • Quick to fold and unfold
  • Space efficient storage
  • Cup holders for both babies and parents


  • Might look a bit bulky for some parents
  • Storage basket feels limited when babies are in the stroller
  • Storage basket might be a little hard to access sometimes


In the end, it is not hard to realize that Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller can actually do a lot for the money. It is a cost efficient solution with plenty of positive appreciation.

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