Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller

Excellent for: babies lighter than 40 pounds, babies who love diversity and changes, parents who enjoy doing more activities while walking their babies (shopping, socializing and so on)

While looking for the perfect child related accessories, Contours might just become your one stop shop. It is one thing to purchase all kinds of things from different companies and a completely different thing to find a reliable brand, then stick to it only. You know that you got quality and perhaps combined shipping too for a larger order. All in all, Contours provides strollers, bassinets, adapters, trays, attachments and all kinds of similar accessories. The manufacturer is most commonly known for its double strollers, yet you can just as well find a few single units as well.

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All in all, if there is one stroller that draws the attention and makes you feel like buying right now, that is Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller. We have analyzed a few different models of strollers from Contours, as well as their features and dozens or even hundreds of reviews. Our conclusion is pretty simple – this is not just the best ranked, but also the most cost efficient model coming from the reputable manufacturer. Obviously, you will have to convince yourself too, so take a look at what we have found out about this model before making a wise and informed decision.

Defining the importance of a high level of customization

While this option may not be available in all the strollers, Contours has learned that highly customizable strollers are very likely to dominate this industry. In other words, both babies and parents obviously have different and unique expectations. You cannot make everyone happy with one model, especially when it comes to double units. Instead, you have to respect some standards and give them the possibility to change things. With six different seating options, Options LT Tandem is clearly a front runner. You can always come up with something new and entice your babies while taking them out.

While this option is not so popular in other strollers, you can have both babies to face you if you feel like. You can also have them face each other, especially if they get along and they enjoy playing. Have them face forward, sit back to back or just take them out one at a time. The rear seat can be removed if you take kids out one at a time, whether they do not get along or perhaps one of them is a little ill and cannot spend too much time outdoors. This high level of customization gives you numerous solutions, as well as the possibility to change things regularly, especially if you rotate babies too.

Discovering other features coming with Contours’ Options LT Tandem double stroller

The highly adjustable positions are not the only things that can entice you as a potential customer. In fact, the Options LT Tandem double stroller comes with several other enhancements. Believe it or not, a lot of people do not actually pay attention to the safety standards. They naturally assume that safety depends on them only. Thinking that no shocks or small bumps or accidents will ever happen is a terrible mistake. These things are perfectly normal, so you want your babies kept in place. Fortunately, the safety harnesses come with five different points, so there is simply nothing to feel worried about. At the same time, even these safety harnesses are adjustable according to your babies.

Since it is less likely for both kids to be enticed by the same things, it is imperative to look for a stroller with seat particularities. Once again, Contours’ Options LT Tandem double stroller can do it. Perhaps one of your babies wants to admire the surroundings. Maybe the other one wants to nap or to relax after a meal. While sometimes they might enjoy doing the exact same things, this is not a general rule. In other words, seats have to be reclined independently. When combined with the numerous seating positions, you obviously have a lot of solutions. When it comes to actual comfort, leg rests are essential too. The good news is that you can adjust them according to the reclining angle. They have three positions only.

If there is one major problem plenty of double strollers come with, that is the impossibility to match car seats. Contours is one of the few manufacturers that have solved this issue though. In other words, the package comes with an infant car seat adapter, so there are absolutely no problems in fitting seats inside your vehicle.

As for the total weight, this double stroller is within the average limits – each seat can support 40 pounds. Since this is a front to back stroller, you might want to put the heavier kid on the front seat, just in case they are not twins. This way, you are taking the center of gravity a little lower, so maneuverability becomes a lot simpler. If you have twins, this aspect is clearly not relevant at all.


  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Can fit every standard doorway due to the reduced width
  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely easy to assemble, without needing any tools at all
  • 6 different seating positions
  • 5 point safety harnesses
  • Storage basket is quite large
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Comfortable head support
  • Comes with a car seat adapter for flexibility
  • No bars that you might hit while walking too fast
  • One move folding
  • Space efficient storage


  • It might seem too long for first time users
  • Could definitely use one or more cup holders
  • Unable to wheel when folded, so you need to actually carry it


In the end, Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller does make a very good and reliable solution. It has the basic elements and features required for a comfortable ride and a little variety for your kids. There are no fancy features, especially since most parents do not even use those.

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