The Different Types of Strollers That Are Available in the Market

When strollers were first introduced in the market, the varieties were less and features were few, but with the passing years, new style, and designs have flooded the marketplace depending upon the requirement of the consumer.

Earlier a trip to the market or a grocery store was an individual affair, but with the advent of shopping malls, things have changed, shopping even for daily usable products have become a family affair. The use of strollers allows all the members of a family to participate in any family event without the inconvenience of an individual being left behind to look after the child.

Strollers come in different sizes and shapes. There are single strollers, double strollers, etc. In fact, many stores even house strollers for pets!

These strollers can be quite convenient. Suppose you are tall, bending forward and pushing the stroller could be quite painful. For such individuals, strollers with adjustable handles are available, which can be adjusted as per the requirement. There are a number of other features like pouches and pockets, padded handles and so forth.

Given below is a list of some of the most famous strollers available today.

Jogging stroller:

Jogging strollers offer value for money. It comes with a number of wonderful features that make it a great jogging companion.

Some of the features of this stroller are:

  • It comes with three wheels.
  • The wheels are big, 11-12 inches in height and can thus be easily pushed about.
  • The triangular shape of this equipment gives it more durability as well as manoeuvrability.
  • It comes with swivel wheels, which help you to turn easily around corners.

It also comes with a locking option that is especially useful when you are pushing the stroller with a certain velocity. If locking mechanisms were not available, it would be better for you to choose another stroller. You could even place such mechanisms on your stroller, which would act as a barrier against wind and rain.

Multi-child strollers:

If you are parent to more than one toddler or part of a day care business, you could easily purchase a stroller that caters to the need of more than one child. There are two types of strollers available in the market, which serves this purpose:

  • The double umbrella stroller, in which children can be, placed side by side. It is roomy and spacious.
  • The tandem stroller, which is long and allows children to sit one after the other

Lightweight strollers:

Light weight strollers are quite convenient, as they can easily be folded up and placed in the car and can be taken out as per the requirement. It may not be as comfortable as other models for the child, but is a great ready to use option for the parent.

Standard strollers:

  • Standard strollers provide comfort.
  • It can be pushed easily.
  • It comes with a good storage space and high quality wheels.

Travel system stroller:

  • It has many features, which are similar to the standard stroller.
  • It is great for travelling purposes.
  • It has adequate storage space.
  • Folds easily

Pram strollers:

These strollers are very pretty to look at. Nonetheless, it has limited uses, as it is ill suited for rough terrain.

An important point that should be considered while buying strollers is that you should not base your choices just on the reviews that a particular product has received (although that could be a rather good indicator of its durability and usefulness) as your decisions should be based upon your specific requirements and needs.