What Are the Types of Baby Stroller Available In the Markets Today?

Baby strollers are also known as buggies, prams, baby chair and as pushchairs. The carriages that were first introduced in the market were designed with the main aim of helping parents to carry their kid around easily. As years passed by, the manufacturing companies enhanced the uses of these strollers by adding some extra features that could fulfil all the requirements of the parents in a single place.

When you plan to purchase a stroller, there are many factors to consider. If you have two kids belonging to different ages then you can buy the double strollers that are particularly designed to seat both the kids, whereas if you have twins or triplets, then you can buy one as per your requirement.

You can buy the sit and stand stroller, which can ease your work of watching them over all the time. Some of the strollers are available with easy modification features wherein you can convert it to baby car seat. Jogging, walking, etc, strollers are also available for people, who find it difficult to find a nanny at the particular time of the day.

With the increase in the popularity of the baby strollers, the manufacturing companies are introducing many designs that are not only easy to handle, but are also convenient to carry some baby items such as an extra pair of diapers, clothes, milk, water, etc. This feature has made it convenient for the parents or nannies to carry all the required items in the strollers and not in the separate bags.

Particular brand of baby strollers that are recently introduced into the markets are manufactured in such a way that you can use it from a few months to few years. It is just like the other baby products that grow with your baby.

Best Type of Stroller for Newborn Infants

There are many specially introduced stroller types, which are best suited for newborns. If you have a newborn, then you can go through all the available designs of strollers and can buy one that is best suited for either conventional use or for the multiple purposes. These prams are available with three to four step modification features, which will help you to use them either as the slings or mats or even as the strollers as per your requirement.

They are available in many designs, colours, dimensions, heights, etc, and you can buy the one that is both nice to look at and comfortable for your baby to relax in it.

Types of Baby Strollers

Here are some of the names of the stroller models that are available in the markets today.

Umbrella Strollers or Buggies

These stroller types are comparatively light weighted and can be easily handled while pushing your babies around. The compact model of strollers is easy to carry in the buses and trains and can also fit perfectly on the back seat of your cars. Umbrella or the rain hoods that are attached to the stroller cover the head of your baby with extra protections while taking a stroll during sunny days.

All-Terrain Strollers

This is a three wheeled stroller type and is preferred by parents all around the globe for its eye-catching designs. Even though the cost of this stroller type is a bit higher than the regular types, the sleek design and high comfort are surely worth paying for.

Jogging Strollers

When you are planning to go for a long walk or jogging and do not find a nanny in time, then you can easily proceed with the company of your baby and all thanks to jogging baby strollers. This is the light weighted pram type, which is very easy to push around in the park or other such jogging or walking lanes.